Know Your Hand Knotted Rug before Buying It

Have you re-designed your home and wish to add a hand knotted rug to your interiors? Hand-knotted rugs are true works of art and you have all the reasons to admire them.

traditional area rugs

But before you plan to buy a hand-knotted rug, you should know a few things like what is a hand knotted rug and how is it made? Let’s discuss these in detail:

1. Hand knotted rugs are individually knotted:

Did you know that a professional weaver individually ties every single knot in order to create unique and intricate designs and patterns. These rugs are made using a tufting tool to punch the yarn into a fabric backing.

2. Know about the type of knot you are looking for:

There are three types of knots in a hand-knotted rug:

Persian Knot:
These knots are asymmetrical and are open to one side. They are used to create floral and intricate patterns.

Turkish Knot:
This type of knot is symmetrical and there are two small bumps within one knot on the back of the rug. It looks like a double knot.

Jufti knot:
Also known as false knot, this knot is tied around four instead of being tied around two wrap threads.


3. Are never woven using synthetic material:

These rugs are never woven using synthetic materials like nylon, acrylic or polyester. These rugs are woven using silk, wool, or wool and silk.

4. Each hand knotted rug is unique:

No two hand knotted rugs are ever the same. Each rug is distinctly woven and knotted to create a unique work of art, which gives an aesthetic touch to your home’s interiors.

5.The number of knots determine the value:

Yes, the higher the knot count, the higher will be the value of a hand knotted rug. Other factors which determine the value of a hand knotted rugs are age, size, design and material.

Contemporary 4

If you choose the right hand knotted rug then it can do wonders to your home decor. So, choose your rug wisely and the above points will help you to make the right choice.


Things to Remember While Buying a Shaggy Rug

Shaggy RugUnlike typical area rugs, a shaggy rug is woven with a comparatively longer yarn. Secondly, these shag rugs are thicker and fluffier than the regular rugs. These fancy rugs can be found in three varying forms – one with long shag, with short shag, and with tiny shag. These types of rugs have been gaining people’s attention since 1960s. The shaggy rugs can be made either with bamboo, wool, nylon, or with polyester. Although, these hand-tufted rugs always bring about invigorating vibes that never fade, yet there are some critical points to keep in mind before buying them.

Right Shag for Right Room

While deciding upon the area in your home or office where you want to spread this rug, make sure you are selecting the most appropriate one. A deep shaggy area rug is suitable for those places where there is less rushing around, as its presence in heavy footfall areas becomes an obstruction for the people moving around.

Never Ignore a Shaggy Rug’s Size


Because of the erratic-looking surface, a bigger and denser Shaggy Rug in areas like small a dining room would appear quite unattractive. Big shaggy rugs would do wonders to a spacious living room, creating an everlasting impression.

Shade should be in Tone with the Ambiance

Like other regular rugs, a shaggy rug too should match the walls or furniture of the area where it is spread. Placing it at a spot, where its color does not go with the surrounding environment, would make this hand-tufted Rug appear rather outlandish and uncanny.

Never Use a Vacuum Cleaner on Shaggy RugsShaggy Rugs

When it comes to cleaning, most of the people confuse these rugs with the ordinary ones. Using a high-powered vacuum cleaner might ruin the fibers with its force. The dust mites and particles can be removed by simply shaking the shag rug or hanging it over a railing in sunlight. The best and the only way to clean shaggy rugs is through the traditional practices.

Save yourself from Buying a Fake Oriental Rug!


If you are planning to buy an Oriental Rug, you are about to make a costly investment as Oriental rugs are timeless classics that add the perfect amount of charm and warmth to any room. But are you sure that the Oriental rug, which you are planning to buy is genuine? Here are few tell-tale signs that tell you that the Oriental rug you have your eye on is fake.

Your rug has a hard plastic back:

Cotton Ball Reversible Indoor Outdoor Area Rug Collection1

As Oriental rugs are hand knotted so it means that their back has to be soft. Apart from this, the pattern which you see at the back of the rug should also be the pattern you see at the top pile. If the back of your rug is plastic, it clearly means that the top mile is made from a synthetic material instead of wool.

The colors bleed:

runner 1

Do you know why oriental rugs are made with natural vegetable dyes? Because, centuries ago when people started knotting rugs, there were no chemical dyes available. So, testing whether the colors of your Oriental Rugs bleeds or not will let you know if the piece is genuine or fake.

The rug is not hand-knotted:


Every knot of an Oriental rug is precisely tied by hand. So if the rug, which you want to buy says “hand tufted” then it is not hand knotted as both the techniques are different. While a genuine Oriental rug will last for more than 50 years, a tufted rug will last for a maximum of 7 years only.

It is not made with wool:


As mentioned above also, rugs with a synthetic back are not made of wool and are not authentic Oriental rugs. Wool is one material that is antibacterial, which means it keeps you safe from bacteria. And this is what keeps an authentic Oriental rug all the more in demand.


Oriental rugs are those antique rugs, which have a rich history and look great even when added to the modern decor. Do keep the above points in mind if you want to be sure that you are buying an authentic Oriental rug.

How to Hang an Antique Rug without Damaging your Wall?

There are countless interesting ways to decorate the walls of your house but a unique way to decorate your walls is by hanging an antique rug. Antique rugs are a treasure to cherish for lifetime and are not made to handle heavy foot traffic. So you might prefer placing them on the wall to keep appreciating their beauty for long. Worried about wall damage? Here are some of the techniques with which you can hang an antique rug without hurting your wall.



Velcro is one of the safest options to hang an antique rug on the wall. All you need to do is to hand stitch Velcro at the back of your rug. This process is difficult and time consuming but the good thing is that Velcro is easy to remove when sewed into the rug as compared to the sticky back Velcro solution.

Frame the Rug:

Frame the Rug

Small antique rugs can be placed inside a glass frame. Take the help of a professional framer as the glass should be of such good quality that can preserve and protect the rug.


One of the most recommended methods for heavyweight antique rugs is to stitch a casing on the back of your rug. The casing is a tube of fabric that holds the rod and will hang your rug.

Carpet Clamps:

Carpet Clamps

Often used in museums and rug shops, these clamps are one of the popular ways to display an antique rug in your home. This method offers a traditional approach of hanging a rug which results in a very clean and professional look.

Tackless Carpet Strips:


Tackless carpet strips are easily available and they are mainly used to secure the carpeting on the floor but you can also use them to fix hand rugs on walls. All you need to do is to hang the carpet strips on the wall and attach your Area Rugs to them. This method does not take much time and requires less effort as compared to the Velcro and Casing method.

Ways to Remove Odors from an Area Rug

Large Room Rugs

Odd smells are a very common problem with rugs of different fibers, sizes, colors and constructions. Whether the odor is coming out of an old rug, which belonged to your ancestors once or it is your pets that are causing your rug to smell so bad, these smells do bother you and your family members; sometimes to the extent that you cannot stand in that room even for a few seconds. Here are some of the ways with which you can remove odors from your area rugs.

Vacuum your area rug:


Gently vacuuming your area rug regularly is the easiest way to keep your rug healthy. Even if you vacuum without the roller brush, your vacuum cleaner will remove the dust particles from the rug’s pile along with various smells that accompany them.

Let some sunshine fall on your rug:

Cotton Ball Reversible Indoor Outdoor Area Rug Collection

One of the best methods of removing mildew and bacteria smell from an area rug is to expose your rug to the sun’s UV rays. The ultraviolet rays of the sun disrupt the DNA of fungus and bacteria and kill the organisms, which are the cause of production of unpleasant smells. Take your rug out on a sunny day and hang it on a fence. Or lay the rug on a few chairs and after sometime flip its side to expose the backside to sunlight too.

Use Charcoal:


If vacuuming and sunlight fail to remove odors from your rug then use charcoal, as it has the ability to absorb a huge range of odorous organic compounds. Take an old pair of nylon pantyhose and infuse them with charcoal briquettes. Now, lay the pantyhose filled with charcoal all over the top of carpet and roll your rug. Fit your rug in a plastic garbage bag and seal it tightly so that the charcoal absorbs carpet odors completely. After some days, unwrap and unroll the rug and let it air out for a night.

The Kitty Litter Treatment:

kitty liter

Just like Charcoal, the natural clay of Kitty litter is capable of absorbing all kinds of offensive odors. All you need to do is to take your rug to a vacant place and sprinkle kitty litter all over the rug. If the odor is really strong, it may take some days for the clay to absorb the odors completely so let the rug stay in that vacant place for a while. After some days, shake off the kitty litter from the rug and vacuum the rug a few times.


Rug Investment: Your Guide to Buying Persian Rugs

Buying a Persian rug is a valued investment that brings beauty and quality both into your interiors. A well-selected Persian rug serves as the focal point to a room, warms up your interior decoration, and also gives a luxurious look to your room.

Persian Area Rugs1
Many of you might think that Oriental and Persian rugs are same, but this is not the case. As opposed to Oriental rugs, which are made in different parts of the world, Persian rugs are only created in the area of the world formerly known as Persia.

Persian Rug Materials


Persian rugs are mainly made from wool as there is a huge variety of wool like camel hair wool, kork wool and Manchester wool available to make these rugs. Some of the traditional Persian rugs are also made from silk but they are very expensive and are less durable as compared to the rugs made with wool. Silk Persian rugs are very rare and are used as wall hangings rather than being used as floor rugs.


How to identify genuine Persian rugs?
With Persian rugs in so much of demand in market, it can get very difficult for a buyer to identify between genuine Persian rugs and fake ones. You can identify the authenticity of a Persian rug by examining:

Persian Rug Labels:

Persian Rug Labels

A Persian rug made in Turkey, Caucasus, Pakistan, Nepal or India is not considered as Persian rug rather it is an Oriental rug. So, do not forget to read the label before you buy it.

Persian Rug Knots:


Earlier Persian rugs were made using a single looping knot and Turkish rugs were made with double looping knot. Modern Persian rugs are made in both the types but traditional rugs are made using the single looping knot method. The best way to identity a genuine Persian rug is to look at the underside and if the pattern is visible through the backing, then your Persian rug is genuine.

What to consider when buying a Persian rug?

Persian Area Rugs
When planning to buy a Persian rug, there are so many factors that should be considered in order to make the perfect choice. Knowing your budget is the very first step. After that the buyer should decide the place for spreading his Persian rug and should determine its size too. In order to get the best quality rug for any particular budget, it is essential to consider size, quality, and age.

Alluring Reasons Why You Should Buy Rugs for Your Home


The quest for searching the best rugs to revamp the look of your interiors is never ending. You look out for different shades, patterns or weave that match well with the decors. But have you ever wonder that why there is a need to buy rugs for your house. Here are some reasons why rugs are an important part of your home.

For Decorating Your Home


Rugs have always been used as an essential decorating item for your living room or bedroom. Not only they look elegant but also enhance the visual appeal of the room. Nowadays rugs have been designed in the wide variety and are available in different styles, shapes, and colors. The modern rugs are made with the blend of various shades in different color schemes which nicely synchronize with almost every decor be it home, professional environment or any indoor/outdoor space. A rug can be designed in various styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, transitional, country and floral, kids or European. Rugs are also crafted in different shapes like rectangular, round, scallop, square, kidney, octagon varying according to the personal choice.

An Affordable Alternative to Soundproofing


Are you tired of the regular tapping or dropping sound that comes from your neighbor’s room? Then rugs are a perfect alternative for to get rid of these sounds. When the rugs are installed wall-to-wall or on the floor they act as an efficient solution to avoid this problem. Usually expensive hardwood or laminates are used for this problem but rugs are also an affordable alternative. Also, installation of rugs gives your room a clean and finished look. Rugs make surface hard and add volume, so the sounds reflect back. The sound is absorbed by the fibers as a result, you get peaceful space.

Creates a soft and balanced texture on the floor


Be it a hardwood or laminated floor, rugs make the surface soft by adding cushioning to the floors. Modern rugs are made with quality material that has a smooth and soft texture, which makes the area pleasant to walk on bare feet. They are a useful and staple item for the household with smaller children who are vulnerable to falling or hurting themselves. They provide stability and create a non-slicking surface that reduces the risk of injuries. Rugs create firm balance underneath the furniture by reducing its unwanted movement.

Rugs as Insulations



Rugs are an alternative to the hard flooring insulation but they are not as efficient as carpet and underlay. But they are constructed compactly with the fibers that easily absorb the heat in winters and cools down the indoor temperatures in summers.