Know Your Hand Knotted Rug before Buying It

Have you re-designed your home and wish to add a hand knotted rug to your interiors? Hand-knotted rugs are true works of art and you have all the reasons to admire them.

traditional area rugs

But before you plan to buy a hand-knotted rug, you should know a few things like what is a hand knotted rug and how is it made? Let’s discuss these in detail:

1. Hand knotted rugs are individually knotted:

Did you know that a professional weaver individually ties every single knot in order to create unique and intricate designs and patterns. These rugs are made using a tufting tool to punch the yarn into a fabric backing.

2. Know about the type of knot you are looking for:

There are three types of knots in a hand-knotted rug:

Persian Knot:
These knots are asymmetrical and are open to one side. They are used to create floral and intricate patterns.

Turkish Knot:
This type of knot is symmetrical and there are two small bumps within one knot on the back of the rug. It looks like a double knot.

Jufti knot:
Also known as false knot, this knot is tied around four instead of being tied around two wrap threads.


3. Are never woven using synthetic material:

These rugs are never woven using synthetic materials like nylon, acrylic or polyester. These rugs are woven using silk, wool, or wool and silk.

4. Each hand knotted rug is unique:

No two hand knotted rugs are ever the same. Each rug is distinctly woven and knotted to create a unique work of art, which gives an aesthetic touch to your home’s interiors.

5.The number of knots determine the value:

Yes, the higher the knot count, the higher will be the value of a hand knotted rug. Other factors which determine the value of a hand knotted rugs are age, size, design and material.

Contemporary 4

If you choose the right hand knotted rug then it can do wonders to your home decor. So, choose your rug wisely and the above points will help you to make the right choice.


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