Things to Remember While Buying a Shaggy Rug

Shaggy RugUnlike typical area rugs, a shaggy rug is woven with a comparatively longer yarn. Secondly, these shag rugs are thicker and fluffier than the regular rugs. These fancy rugs can be found in three varying forms – one with long shag, with short shag, and with tiny shag. These types of rugs have been gaining people’s attention since 1960s. The shaggy rugs can be made either with bamboo, wool, nylon, or with polyester. Although, these hand-tufted rugs always bring about invigorating vibes that never fade, yet there are some critical points to keep in mind before buying them.

Right Shag for Right Room

While deciding upon the area in your home or office where you want to spread this rug, make sure you are selecting the most appropriate one. A deep shaggy area rug is suitable for those places where there is less rushing around, as its presence in heavy footfall areas becomes an obstruction for the people moving around.

Never Ignore a Shaggy Rug’s Size


Because of the erratic-looking surface, a bigger and denser Shaggy Rug in areas like small a dining room would appear quite unattractive. Big shaggy rugs would do wonders to a spacious living room, creating an everlasting impression.

Shade should be in Tone with the Ambiance

Like other regular rugs, a shaggy rug too should match the walls or furniture of the area where it is spread. Placing it at a spot, where its color does not go with the surrounding environment, would make this hand-tufted Rug appear rather outlandish and uncanny.

Never Use a Vacuum Cleaner on Shaggy RugsShaggy Rugs

When it comes to cleaning, most of the people confuse these rugs with the ordinary ones. Using a high-powered vacuum cleaner might ruin the fibers with its force. The dust mites and particles can be removed by simply shaking the shag rug or hanging it over a railing in sunlight. The best and the only way to clean shaggy rugs is through the traditional practices.


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