Save yourself from Buying a Fake Oriental Rug!


If you are planning to buy an Oriental Rug, you are about to make a costly investment as Oriental rugs are timeless classics that add the perfect amount of charm and warmth to any room. But are you sure that the Oriental rug, which you are planning to buy is genuine? Here are few tell-tale signs that tell you that the Oriental rug you have your eye on is fake.

Your rug has a hard plastic back:

Cotton Ball Reversible Indoor Outdoor Area Rug Collection1

As Oriental rugs are hand knotted so it means that their back has to be soft. Apart from this, the pattern which you see at the back of the rug should also be the pattern you see at the top pile. If the back of your rug is plastic, it clearly means that the top mile is made from a synthetic material instead of wool.

The colors bleed:

runner 1

Do you know why oriental rugs are made with natural vegetable dyes? Because, centuries ago when people started knotting rugs, there were no chemical dyes available. So, testing whether the colors of your Oriental Rugs bleeds or not will let you know if the piece is genuine or fake.

The rug is not hand-knotted:


Every knot of an Oriental rug is precisely tied by hand. So if the rug, which you want to buy says “hand tufted” then it is not hand knotted as both the techniques are different. While a genuine Oriental rug will last for more than 50 years, a tufted rug will last for a maximum of 7 years only.

It is not made with wool:


As mentioned above also, rugs with a synthetic back are not made of wool and are not authentic Oriental rugs. Wool is one material that is antibacterial, which means it keeps you safe from bacteria. And this is what keeps an authentic Oriental rug all the more in demand.


Oriental rugs are those antique rugs, which have a rich history and look great even when added to the modern decor. Do keep the above points in mind if you want to be sure that you are buying an authentic Oriental rug.


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