How to Hang an Antique Rug without Damaging your Wall?

There are countless interesting ways to decorate the walls of your house but a unique way to decorate your walls is by hanging an antique rug. Antique rugs are a treasure to cherish for lifetime and are not made to handle heavy foot traffic. So you might prefer placing them on the wall to keep appreciating their beauty for long. Worried about wall damage? Here are some of the techniques with which you can hang an antique rug without hurting your wall.



Velcro is one of the safest options to hang an antique rug on the wall. All you need to do is to hand stitch Velcro at the back of your rug. This process is difficult and time consuming but the good thing is that Velcro is easy to remove when sewed into the rug as compared to the sticky back Velcro solution.

Frame the Rug:

Frame the Rug

Small antique rugs can be placed inside a glass frame. Take the help of a professional framer as the glass should be of such good quality that can preserve and protect the rug.


One of the most recommended methods for heavyweight antique rugs is to stitch a casing on the back of your rug. The casing is a tube of fabric that holds the rod and will hang your rug.

Carpet Clamps:

Carpet Clamps

Often used in museums and rug shops, these clamps are one of the popular ways to display an antique rug in your home. This method offers a traditional approach of hanging a rug which results in a very clean and professional look.

Tackless Carpet Strips:


Tackless carpet strips are easily available and they are mainly used to secure the carpeting on the floor but you can also use them to fix hand rugs on walls. All you need to do is to hang the carpet strips on the wall and attach your Area Rugs to them. This method does not take much time and requires less effort as compared to the Velcro and Casing method.


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