Rug Investment: Your Guide to Buying Persian Rugs

Buying a Persian rug is a valued investment that brings beauty and quality both into your interiors. A well-selected Persian rug serves as the focal point to a room, warms up your interior decoration, and also gives a luxurious look to your room.

Persian Area Rugs1
Many of you might think that Oriental and Persian rugs are same, but this is not the case. As opposed to Oriental rugs, which are made in different parts of the world, Persian rugs are only created in the area of the world formerly known as Persia.

Persian Rug Materials


Persian rugs are mainly made from wool as there is a huge variety of wool like camel hair wool, kork wool and Manchester wool available to make these rugs. Some of the traditional Persian rugs are also made from silk but they are very expensive and are less durable as compared to the rugs made with wool. Silk Persian rugs are very rare and are used as wall hangings rather than being used as floor rugs.


How to identify genuine Persian rugs?
With Persian rugs in so much of demand in market, it can get very difficult for a buyer to identify between genuine Persian rugs and fake ones. You can identify the authenticity of a Persian rug by examining:

Persian Rug Labels:

Persian Rug Labels

A Persian rug made in Turkey, Caucasus, Pakistan, Nepal or India is not considered as Persian rug rather it is an Oriental rug. So, do not forget to read the label before you buy it.

Persian Rug Knots:


Earlier Persian rugs were made using a single looping knot and Turkish rugs were made with double looping knot. Modern Persian rugs are made in both the types but traditional rugs are made using the single looping knot method. The best way to identity a genuine Persian rug is to look at the underside and if the pattern is visible through the backing, then your Persian rug is genuine.

What to consider when buying a Persian rug?

Persian Area Rugs
When planning to buy a Persian rug, there are so many factors that should be considered in order to make the perfect choice. Knowing your budget is the very first step. After that the buyer should decide the place for spreading his Persian rug and should determine its size too. In order to get the best quality rug for any particular budget, it is essential to consider size, quality, and age.


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