Natural Fiber Rugs: Get Inspired by Nature

After an exhausting day at work, all that your aching feet want is to get some rest on a comfortable, soft and natural surface. Crafted from natural materials, the natural fiber rugs are extremely soft and provide soothing and relaxing touch to your body. Natural fiber rugs are of many types such as jute, sisal, bamboo, sea grass, and hemp and the list goes on. Each of these rugs has different, texture, pattern and vibe attached to it. Hence, it is very important to choose a natural rug that is best for your house.

Natural Fiber Rugs are flat-woven and plant-based, and therefore, are eco-friendly. Warm and earthy tones of natural rugs fit easily in casual home settings, giving an organic vibe. Take a peek at some of the finest natural rugs that can enhance your house d├ęcor:

Coir Rugs:

These are made by binding husks of coconut fibers together. Coir rugs are waterproof and do not get spoiled easily. They cancel noise from other rooms with the help of their insulation properties and are 100% biodegradable. Since coir is a product of coconut, it naturally has insect repellant properties. These rugs are durable and come in rich natural colors with depth and warmth that harmonizes equally well with modern or traditional interiors.

Jute Rugs:


If you want a very soft rug then a jute rug should be your choice. These elegant-looking rugs come in a variety of weaves and raw, natural colors that beautifully compliment all types of interiors. A jute rug can be cleaned very easily by a vacuum cleaner and is easy to maintain as well. Jute rugs are best for kitchen and hallways where traffic of people is high.

Sisal Rugs:


These rugs are made from fibers of agave plant, which is considered to be the strongest and toughest fiber. The sisal fibers are woven into a yarn and then dyed with cream or off white color. The flame-retardant properties of sisal rug make it ideal for use in kitchen or near fireplace. These rugs are long-lasting, super durable and are best in hot and humid climate due to its impressive moisture absorbing qualities. Your home will get a warm and cozy feel during winters with the help of sisal rugs.

Seagrass Rugs:


The best quality of a seagrass rug is that it is stain-resistant and very enduring, making it wonderful for high-traffic areas. It can be placed in bathrooms or kitchen areas. These rugs are satin smooth to touch and flaunt a graceful natural luster. Warm and natural shades make them ideal for both home and offices. Seagrass rugs have a designer look and are very inexpensive.

Bamboo Rugs:


A bamboo rug looks more like a piece of art on the floor. It features bamboo strands gathered and weaved into a mat. A bamboo rug is multifaceted and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, hallway, living room to enhance the decor. The rug is easy to clean and maintain, and has long lifespan as compared to other natural rugs. It is an ecofriendly naturally sustainable resource and inexpensive.

Mountain grass Rugs:

Made from grass grown in mountains, the mountain grass rugs are just like sea grass rugs but with little bit more texture and hardness. These natural fiber rugs are very strong and sport a copper brown finish naturally as the mountain grass grows in dry conditions. They come with latex back to prevent slipping and can complement any decor.

It is well advised to use eco-friendly, natural fiber rugs for decor in your home or office. These rugs are more durable and economical as compared to other types of rugs and are exceptional for rooms that have lot of foot traffic.


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