When we talk about rugs, the first thought that strikes in our mind is our living room because that’s the heart of our home. But rugs are not only for living rooms. You can choose a rug according to different rooms inside your house. Definitely a rug makes your living room more stylish and comfy, but you can also decorate your other rooms with the right rugs. There is a wide variety of rugs available according to space, style and materials, which will fit in your bedroom, kids’ room, terrace garden, library, or garage. Here are some rugs to serve every room:

1. Living Room
You can go all monochrome with bold black and white rug or choose something contemporary with a pastel and light shades. But be careful that you don’t overdo the look. By this we mean that if the color of your sofa is dark then go with a lighter tone rug and vice versa. These rugs will not only enhance the beauty of your living room, but will also make it more comfortable.


2. Bedroom
Bedrooms are more private, so in bedrooms you can choose a rug which matches your personality. There are variety of rugs, which are available from funky, classic, European, country and floral designs in every shape and size. Because this is your personal space, you can add a lot of different colors and shapes. Below is a variety of rugs in exciting colors and shapes.


3. Kids’ room
Now the trickiest one. Kids are very choosy, especially when it comes to their clothes, food, and the decoration of their room. They want something, which is very colorful and relates to their favorite game, cartoon character, or animals. People often find it very hard to find a rug for their kids’ room. Below are some examples of rugs for both boys and girls room. Bring joy and colors to your kids’ bedroom and study room with these beautiful kids’ rugs.


4. Bathroom and Pool Deck
When we come out from the bathroom or a pool, we often make the floor wet with water dripping from our body. This makes the floor slippery and increases the risk of falling on the floor. Here are some colorful rugs in aquatic touch, which will prevent this from happening and also match your pool decks and bathrooms.

5. Study or library
Study rooms and libraries are meant to be kept simple and peaceful. Most of the study rooms and libraries are furnished with wood. So, keeping that in mind you should choose a rug, which matches the texture and color of your furnishing, making it appear very natural.


Finding a right rug according to the purpose of your room can be a tricky job. However, you can easily buy them online at Plushmarket is the house of rugs, which has an extensive variety of rugs for every purpose. Our rugs are specially crafted according to the needs of every customer and we aim to serve everyone.


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